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... in our inspirations, ideas and information on the many versatile bellissa products for gardens and balconies!

Garden spaces

An intact environment with good quality of life can start in your garden. Our products enable you to realise your ideas of a perfect open space in the simplest possible way.

Balconies and patio spaces

A big garden is no longer essential. We can move upwards and with our well-planned products we offer plenty of nature in a small space.

Living rooms

Bring nature into your home. This will improve the air quality and simply make you happy.


Be inspired by the looks in our Pinterest community and get helpful tips for your next nature project with bellissa.


Vertical Gardening

Do you live in the city? Are you dreaming of more green in your life? Would you like to grow your own vegetables, but only have a small amount of space available? Then what you need is our vertical garden!