Simply design your garden as you want!

Are you considering how best to design, partition or border your green home?  And all of it with the best possible style and exactly as you imagined?

Then you should definitely take a look at our gabions. The technical construction and creative versions of these design elements, also known as stone baskets, are almost unlimited.  You can also combine them with climbing plants, thus creating valuable living and hiding space for the smallest creatures. And at bellissa you will of course also find matching garden furniture to round off the look of your green living room perfectly.

So: Design your garden as you want – our high-quality gabions are ready for anything!


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Construction video

Take a look at our how-to video and see for yourself how easy and quick it can be to set up our products.

Gabion FAQs

Is it easy to set up the gabions?

Putting the gabion mesh panels together is very easy and can be carried out by any DIY hobby fan. If a foundation/ point foundations is required for the gabions, this should be done to a professional standard. If you do not know how to create a foundation to a professional standard, a local horticulturist will help you to set up your foundation. 

Do I need a foundation?

A large part of our product portfolio does not need concreting in. But there are some products where this is recommended. Depending on the gabion and the nature of the ground, a foundation will be required.

Point foundation:

If a foundation already exists, gabions that need a supporting post can be fastened with bolt flange. The minimum width of the foundation depends on the bolt flange in question. 

Whether you want to set up privacy screen, a pergola or a fence – you can’t do it without load-bearing posts and secure anchoring in the ground. 
This means that it is essential to have a professional foundation put in on site. 
We also recommend a reinforcement and clarification of the statics.  
For safety reasons, you should always consult a local craftsman for larger construction projects.

How are the gabions delivered?

Our gabions are usually delivered on a pallet by carrier. In a carrier delivery, the pallets remain with you and we do not collect them. Smaller gabion products are delivered as parcel packages. 

What fillings are possible?

Fillings with glass or small pieces of wood are possible, but gabions are usually filled with stones.

Are the stones included in the delivery?

Delivery is without stones. You will need to order stones from a local dealer. We act as an environmentally responsible company and therefore do not deliver the gabion filling.

Can individual design wishes be implemented?

Individual design can be achieved by stones, attached parts such as a wood element, hanging supports for equipment and finally also by using a variety of stones. Many gabions can be set up with individual lengths by sliding the mesh panels, without the need for cutting. 

What is the lifespan of the stone baskets or gabions?

Our gabions are for the most part zinc-aluminium galvanised. This means that a lifespan of 30-50 years is no problem.

How many kilograms of stones will I need to fill a cubic metre gabion?

The weight may vary, depending on the nature of the product & the stones. In our product information, we calculate 1.8 metric tons of stones per cubic metre.

What is the minimum size for the stones used?

This depends on the mesh width of the panels and a blanket answer is not possible. However, the mesh width is given in all product descriptions.

What stones are especially suited to filling gabions?

In principle, all stones are suitable, such as for example the following: greywacke, gneiss, river gravel, rhyolite or andesite, diabase, granodiorite, crushed granite, hyperite

How do our gabions differ from those of our competitors?

With our carefully thought out solutions, we inspire our customers to structure their gardens and landscape. Our gabions are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. 

Are the gabions protected against weather?

Most of our gabion mesh panels are zinc-aluminium galvanised and are manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. The result of the neutrally implemented salt spray test according to DIN SS 50021 / ASTM B117 / ISO 9227 was a resistance of at least 3000 hours. The cathodic effect (closure after damage) effects regeneration of any damage to the surface due to scratches and bending.
Care advice: Danger of corrosion if fertiliser is used! Fertilisers contain sulphuric acid and should not be used, as sulphur will attack zinc.


Will my gabion continue to be protected against corrosion if the mesh panel is damaged?

Rust on cut surfaces – cathodic protection”heals“ damage! Zinc-aluminium galvanising is very resistant to mechanical stress. However, where the panels are cut or if there is extreme stress, scratches and scrapes may occur. With damage of this kind, the so-called cathodic protection is effective, which builds up a barrier in an electro-chemical manner and therefore also protects damaged spots from corrosion.

Can stones damage my gabion mesh panels?

Stones – because of their geological origins, stones may occasionally contain enclosed amounts of sulphur or iron that can be washed out by weather conditions and lead to traces of rust. To prevent further corrosion, these stones should be removed and any traces of rust on the mesh should be cleaned off. Because of the variety of stones on offer (density and fracture forms), all information on stone requirement is for guidance only and can vary!


Are smoke traces on the gabion panels critical?

Any smoke traces after welding the zinc-aluminium alloy will disappear of their own accord in the rain and are not a defect. Any fears that the wires might rust more strongly at the crossover points due to subsequent welding are unfounded, as this method of production is currently state of the art technology.

How do you fill gabions properly?

It is important to fill gabions evenly. Small stones can be poured in by the bucketful, but larger stones should be placed by hand as close to the mesh panels as possible in order to avoid damage to the mesh panels.

How can I clean gabions?

Gabions can simply be sprayed with a high pressure washer.

What is a good size of stone for gabions?

This depends on the your personal view, but also on the mesh width. You should not choose stones smaller than the mesh width. Otherwise these could fall out through the mesh. The optimum stone size is described for each product. 

Who will assemble gabions?

If you do not want to assemble the gabions yourself, local horticulturists will help. Just do a Google search for “horticulturists“ and your town and you will get a few good suggestions.

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