Landscape edging

All in the best possible shape

Get your garden to shape up! With our bed surround products you can divide your garden into clear, separate surfaces. It’s easy as child’s play and among other advantages offers the best conditions for precise lawn mowing without “collateral damage“. 

But that’s not by any means the only excellent feature bellissa bed surrounds have to offer. They easily handle wind and weather and also form a reliable barrier against unwanted root penetration. Not forgetting the many and varied design opportunities, guaranteed to create growing enthusiasm in matters of garden aesthetics.

Slug and snail guard

Lawn edging

Construction video

Take a look at our how-to video and see for yourself how quick and easy it is to set up our products.

Make yourself a green home

Plants have a relaxing effect on people and make us happy. Find out how you can create your own green oasis and bring nature into your home!