Lawn edging

Creative helpers, marking out clear borders

You might be familiar with this phenomenon: You mark out the edge of the lawn with a spade – you’ve only just finished when you might as well start all over again. Actually that’s a reason for satisfaction, because it shows that your lawn is feeling good. And so it’s no longer growing in height; instead it likes to spread out. 

To stop it getting too high-spirited and sprawling too much, we recommend our bellissa lawn edging with its patented connection technology as reliable border guards. This means you can ensure permanent clearly defined lawn areas which are therefore especially easy to care for. The variable dimensions and versatile designs leave almost all design freedoms open to you. From classic to studded to Corten look – where your creative wishes are concerned, there are practically no limits to using bellissa lawn edging. Your lawn will envy you…

A little tip on the edge: it’s best to pre-cut the border with the bellissa lawn edger – this will make inserting the lawn edging even easier for you.



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Lawn edging

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