Vertical gardening

Vertical garden made easy with bellissa

Do you live in the city and are you missing a garden, your own little natural paradise with all its splendid and enticing scents and aromas?

High time for a vertical garden! It needs only a little space, uses hardly any power or water and with the right bellissa product solutions it is easy to extend or to alter. Enjoy splendid nature in a small space – and even home-grown vegetables or your own hand-picked herbs!

Hanging garden

Plant stands & shelves

Vertical garden beds

Wall garden

Gardening up high 

Tips for your Inalto

Learn more about the advantages of our vertical raised bed INALTO
and get interesting tips, filling suggestions and planting recommendations.




FILO vertical plant shelf system

Construction video

Take a look at our how-to video and see for yourself how quickly and easily our products can be set up.

Vertical garden bed INALTO

Construction video

Make yourself a green home


You can find everything to satisfy your vivid imagination among our inspirations, ideas and information on the versatile variety of bellissa products for gardens and balconies! Be inspired by the looks in our Pinterest community and get helpful tips for your next nature project with bellissa.