Herb spirals

For those who love easy-care planting

Seriously healthy! Fresh, unsprayed and with an absolutely natural aroma: what could taste better and be more healthy than herbs and vegetables from your very own harvest? And what is better suited to growing them than raised beds in the form of our herb spirals or herb snails? 

They help take care of your back while you work and they keep snails, slugs and mice away. They are also easy to construct and very versatile. With a creative filling according to your own personal wishes – with stones in various colours, for example, glass, wood or bark – you can match your herb spiral perfectly to your garden or your terrace. 

bellissa herb spirals and herb snails also provide excellent conditions for growing your plants, because the use of stones favours a balanced micro-climate. The warmth of the sun stored by day is gradually transmitted to the soil over the course of the evening, creating more nutrients in the ground and thereby letting the herbs and vegetables thrive magnificently.


Herb spiral gabions

Construction video


Take a look at our construction video and see for yourself how quickly and easily our products can be set up.

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