Keep on conquering new ground

The natural bellissa success story

What are the special qualities of bellissa? This is a simple but exciting question, and we have a clear answer: our traditional joy in innovation.

This was shown as early as the birth of bellissa HAAS GmbH, founded on the 1st October 1988 by Karl-Hans Haas in Ravensburg. At that time, our company was the first that, thanks to a unique mechanical procedure, was able to mass produce spiral tomato supports and supply these to the German market.


Intelligent and relevant

Following this slogan, we at bellissa gradually reworked, improved and finally patented many more products, such as for example rose trellises, flower planter holders and lawn edging. Sales were made through what was at that time the leading brand trading company in the German-speaking countries.

In 2001 bellissa gave up its status as a straightforward wholesale supplier and risked the leap into free competition. Here we were able to open up new markets in cooperation with other providers – not least of course because of our continuous, targeted expansion of our portfolio and soon enough our new customers were also convinced of the high functionality and quality of bellissa products.


Unique innovations
for gabions

Our team soon set new revolutionary standards in the field of private garden design. With a further development of gabion technology, as creative as it was well-planned, bellissa enabled a totally new garden design with a completely novel character. Combined with excellent product quality, this power of innovation ensured that the bellissa brand has now been a well-known name for fifteen years, including on the international market.

Since 2015, bellissa customers have profited from the company’s move to larger premises at our site in Bodnegg, a municipality between Ravensburg and Wangen in the Allgäu. We have now brought together our products and services under one roof – and accordingly we can react faster and more flexibly for all those who love their gardens and want more nature in their homes.


What we stand for

Is bellissa a valuable company? We are convinced that it is.  
Our philosophy and our work are full of values of central importance to us – and which we implement quite specifically in all products and services and in our daily dealings with one another. bellissa is your partner for a life close to nature in your own green home.

Nature is an ingenious designer, fascinating us again and again with its efficiency and beauty, perfected over millions of years. Nature has always been a role model for bellissa and an absolutely inexhaustible source of inspiration. Although it is a vital part of our existence, our modern lifestyle means we are losing our contact to nature more and more. However, bellissa keeps on discovering intelligent, durable and sustainable solutions for bringing nature back into our everyday lives. So we will help you make your home into a real living space in the best sense of the word.



Customer orientation

Easy & fast


Our vision

Everything for your natural living space

With bellissa, you will be bringing nature home with you, giving you more quality of life, sustainability and health. We are opening up all the options for you to design your garden, balcony, house or apartment as you would wish. You can give nature exactly the space you want it to occupy in your life.   

Thanks to over 30 years of experience, bellissa is an ideal partner for you in plant matters, as knowledgeable as it is innovative.

From lawn edging to supports for climbing plants and hanging gardens up to raised beds for vegetables and herbs: with inspiring ideas and well thought out, easily implemented solutions, we make it easy for you to create your very own natural living space. In this process, we will be by your side with comprehensive individual advice, practical instructions and reliably high product quality.

Quality and durable products

Nearly 300 of our products are Made in Germany, produced in Bodnegg from high-quality materials and offering the corresponding durability and a 5 year guarantee.


A further fundamental factor for bellissa. You can find out exactly what we mean by it here.


Product innovation

Our solutions are based on a high level of technical expertise, exceptional powers of innovation and timeless design.  This will save you time, providing comfort and long-lasting enjoyment of many beautiful things for your garden or balcony.

bellissa values

The fertile ground on which our company grows and thrives

Our success is rooted in the values held in common by the bellissa team. They connect, support and ensure that we continue to develop further.
This makes and keeps us strong for the demands of today and the future.

Team work

We live our principles of fellowship and working together with trust. All of us at bellissa work hand in hand and thus make use of the synergies of our company, such as may for example be created by the knowledge and work of specialists in interdisciplinary teams. Our further goal is to make every mistake a maximum of only once – and learn directly from it. For this reason, we openly discuss what has not functioned and support each other with regular feedback.

Respect & fairness

We approach everyone, and in particular our colleagues, customers and partners, with respect and attention. Flat hierarchies and an open door culture are defining features of our everyday work.

Communication at bellissa is open and honest, our working together transparent, constructive and target-oriented. We welcome fair and objective discussions at any time, especially if they lead to decisions that can be put into practice and help us all to move forward.

Agility & further development

We are always open to new ideas and challenges, are permanently learning more and thereby constantly improving our internal and external performance.

Promoting this continual further development process includes regular evaluation, further qualification, management training, resilience training and also cross-functional projects as well as opening up new topic areas.


We do not see errors and problems as obstacles, but rather as incentives to work out new opportunities and find solutions that are both pragmatic and, in ideal cases, trailblazing. In this we are supported by the bellissa process (BIP). Suggestions for improvement are also welcome at every level.


An important condition for lasting success is to enjoy your work. This is why we tackle our tasks with pleasure and motivation. Every day, we are happy to give our best and accept responsibility for what we do with complete conviction.

bellissa supports its team in their work with numerous attractive offers such as further qualification courses, measures to promote health, JobRad leased bike, corporate benefits, fruit baskets, drinks, company celebrations and much more.


Your project in good hands

Do you have any questions on implementing your project with our products? We are happy to advise you